About Us

What does elavate mean?

Elavate is a mash-up of the words elate and elevate. We hope that our customers will feel elated (joy, bliss) as they discover new emerging brands. And, we hope our customers will experience elevation (happy soul) when they discover that their purchase has helped provide clean water to people in desperate need.

What is your mission?

  1. Expose customers to a curated selection of emerging brands
  2. Help emerging brands tell their unique stories, and support their businesses
  3. Contribute to solving the world's biggest problems, such as the global water crisis

How does this work?

  1. Quickly register with elavate
  2. Shop products from emerging brands
  3. Purchase products; invite friends through your social networks

How does the charity piece fit in?

  1. A percentage (5%) of your purchase goes into a pool
  2. Once that pool reaches a certain dollar amount...
  3. You will have helped trigger a clean water project!

You will be notified when you have helped trigger a project. You will then have the option of sharing that through your social networks!

Why water? Because water changes everything... (Courtesy of charity: water)