Behind the Label - Lady Kismet

Thursday September 12, 2013

Behind the Label - Lady Kismet - Photo 1


Lady Kismet is our go-to line for eye-catching baubles—founder and designer Shana Gulati dreams up mixed metal statement necklaces, cascading pearl earrings, and gold-hued cocktail rings that we team with any ensemble. Entirely handcrafted in India, Lady Kismet jewels are one-of-a-kind pieces you need to have in your accessories rotation. Gulati was born and raised in India, so the line is a sleek fusion of traditional Indian design and unique modern touches. Below, Gulati shares the inspiration that drives Lady Kismet designs and her most-loved piece from the collection.

What about India inspired you to create your collection? India is my first home, my birthplace, even being so far away, it's inherently a part of me in many ways. It's bold, loud, colorful, spontaneous, beautiful in all its madness. It's similar to my other home, New York which parallels many of the same attributes. Both are inspiring in very different ways, but in a really wonderful collaborative way.

How did you come up with the name Lady Kismet? The name Lady Kismet was a combination of ideas from friends and the final touch was my Dad's. The entire company is really a reflection of everyone in my life, from the names of the pieces, to the names of the collections, to the idea behind the designs, etc. Lady Kismet is a collaboration of everything and everyone in my life that has come and gone or is still here for the ride!

What is unique about your process of production? The uniqueness of production is that it's all done in India- that says it all! It's always a thrill, it's always an exciting process, one that can be both maddening and magical all in one!

What is your favorite Lady Kismet piece? My favorite Lady Kismet piece is the Ishim Spike Earrings for a few reasons. Firstly they are named after two of my favorite people in my life, a blend of their names. Secondly, they have that touch, that perfect balance of a traditional and modern feel. Thirdly they are wearable day and night, the just make you feel sexy yet subtle, fashionable without advertising it in a loud way, and most importantly beautiful like a princess, a funky modern princess!

What are your favorite "secrets" about Jaipur? I don't really have any secrets about Jaipur except that it's a place that has become a familiar place to me. Almost another home away from home. Every day is literally an adventure, you will never come back having achieved just the task you set out, you will come back with ten more new ideas and then some. No one will ever experience Jaipur in the same way, that's the beauty of it. Jaipur rocks! That's really my secret!