Nesh Brand: New York City

Thursday September 12, 2013

Nesh Brand: New York City - Photo 1

Bree and I met during yoga teacher training where a very simple problem popped up about one week in: We couldn’t find anything to wear that satisfied our love of warrior II and our love of fashion simultaneously. This, coupled with being totally disenchanted professionally, led to an idea: creating a line of fantastically stylized clothing that was functional, durable and would move with a woman through her whole day–even a practice. In short, Nesh was born.

A month on, this vision began to take shape. We committed ourselves to creating a line of superior quality, eco-conscious, US sourced clothing that was also MADE in the USA. That’s why our entire creative process from design to finished garment is housed on 36th street, right in the heart of New York City’s garment center. Basically, we want you to feel as good about our clothes as you do in them.

Bree and I would like to thank all our teachers in all their forms both past and present and, of course, those we have yet to meet! You all have and will continue to be an unwavering source of inspiration, support, laughter, life and love. And we thank Ganesha…the true remover of all obstacles and the force that brought us all together. We will be forever grateful and humbled by all your roles in this on-going, amazing journey.

Welcome to Nesh. Every woman, every day, everywear

Bree Chambers & Pam Elden xx